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Just like the ocean, Maritime Constructions is constantly in motion. Keep up to date with our national operations through recent media releases, announcements, awards and project updates.

Trial Native Oyster Reef

18.05.2017 09:39

South Australian company awarded $550000 project for state’s first trial native oyster reef

Port Adelaide based MaritimeConstructionshasbeen awarded $550000 to build South Australia’s first trial shellfish reef.

Construction of the trial four-hectare shellfish reef will begin in May using a mixture of materials including locally sourced limestone from the Yorke Peninsula and custom made concrete reef structures.

The native shellfish reef willattractmarine life and, over time, is expected to improve fish stocks, enhance recreational fishing opportunities,increase water quality and assist with coastal erosion.

The reef –located south of Ardrossan on the Yorke Peninsula– is part of a State Government 2014 funding commitment to improve recreational fishing opportunities across the state.

“It’s fantastic to see the reef project at RoguePoint awarded to a South Australian company- one which specialises in marine infrastructure and employs highly skilled local workers to get the job done” Ministerfor Fisheries and Tourism, Leon Bignell.

“We are thrilled to be awarded the contract to build South Australia’s first trial reef on the Yorke Peninsula. This means a great deal to our company and to the South Australians’ wemploy and it’s excellent to see our expertise being used on such a significant state project.” Maritime Construction Chief Executive Officer, Shane Fiedler


10.03.2017 09:00

Onslow Marine Support Base

Maritime Constructions have secured a design and construct contract to build a new marine support base in Beadon Creek, Onslow WA.  This project, being developed privately, comprises of a 200m long wharf, a 36m wide landing craft ramp, and 700T heavy lift crane pad for servicing the offshore oil and gas industry.  Works started in November 2016, with the dredging and land reclamation scope of works nearing completion in March 2017.  The land reclaim works will now provide a working platform for commencement of sheet piling for the new wharf structure, after which construction works for the landing craft ramp and heavy lift crane pad supported on 900mm dia piles will be started.  The project is due for completion in late August 2017

Pt Germein – Storm Damage Repairs

Maritime Constructions have been awarded the contract and commenced work on the historic Pt Germein Jetty located in the Spence Gulf in South Australia after it was recently damaged in storm activity. Over the onsite working period of four months a small team with the aid of a small crawler crane and loader will repair the damaged jetty to its previous historic state allowing the local and wider community to then enjoy everything the jetty has to offer. 

Kiribati Ocean Outfalls

Maritime Constructions have entered into a Joint Venture with CCB-Envico of Melbourne to execute an ocean outfall project in the Pacific Ocean, island nation of Kiribati, for the Public Works and Utilities Department (Government of Kiribati).  The project involves the installation of 3 new sewerage ocean outfalls as part of an on-going sewerage treatment project in the country, being funded by the Asian Development Bank.  The island is the top of a volcano and the ocean side of the island has a very shallow reef extending about 500m before the edge of the reef drops a couple of thousand metres to the ocean floor. The outfall diffusers are being installed just off the edge of the reef, in about 30m of water.  Preparation works started in October last year, with major plant, including 3 jet boats to work in the shallow reefs, being dispatched from Melbourne in  January 2017.  HDPE pipeline welding works are currently on-going on the island, and Maritime Constructions is expecting to install the 3 ocean outfalls in April / May 2017.


10.03.2017 08:54

Nyrstar Port Pirie -- SWPS-Marine Works Project

Following an open tender process, Maritime Constructions was awarded a contract by Nyrstar Port Pirie to install an underwater outfall pipeline from their new Sea Water Pump Station (SWPS).  The works involved the dredging of a trench (approximately 8,000m3) using a cutter-suction dredge, installation of 800 sqm of concrete mattress adjacent to the SWPS for slope stability towards the intake pumps and the installation of 150m long (1200mm dia down to 355mm dia) HDPE pipeline from the SWPS to the edge of the shipping channel in the Port Pirie River.  This project is part of Nyrstar’s overall Port Pirie Transformation Project, to upgrade their old lead smelter, that has been in operation since 1880, to an advanced poly-metallic processing and recovery facility with an improved environmental footprint.

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Project News

Just like the ocean, Maritime Constructions is constantly in motion. Keep up to date with our national operations through recent media releases, announcements, awards and project updates.




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